Askıda Ne Var is a favor-focused pro-social company that binds youth to brands. This social innovation platform gives university students out free products and services.


The number of donated product and services annually on Askıda Ne Var.


global and local brands in collaboration


Askıda Ne Var social media channels followers

4.000.000 TL+

worth of products, experiences, and services were awarded by Askıda Ne Var annually


The Number of anually reached university student.


“The most mentioned brands' list” on Twitter


active employees

Total 8 Awards

Haliç University, Bilgi University, Ashoka Foundation, Istanbul Technical University, Mercedes-Benz, MediaCat, Sabancı Foundation-Fark Yaratanlar

Media Supporters:

Kanal D, CNN Türk, Hürriyet, Milliyet, Forbes, Radikal, Habertürk, BloombergHT, Cumhuriyet, MediaCat, Onedio, Sabah, Vatan, Posta, T24